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Monsoon is finally here. Most of the people kick start their weekend holiday destination planning in order to relax with family & friends. One of the most well-situated & amazing monsoon destinations in Maharashtra is Alibaug due to the tranquillity of beach on one side & lush green milieu on the other. Before you begin your weekend trip, it is best to book in advance at any of the prominent resorts in Alibaug such as Ghanvatkar Bungalow Resort for a comfortable & hassle-free stay

Alibaug is a perfect weekend getaway for escaping the hustle-bustle of cosmopolitan lives. Prior to checking out Alibaug Resorts, let us first learn about the landscape of Alibaug, places to see, eat & shop. Read on to know more.

Landscape of Alibaug

Kissed and bordered by the endless Arabian Sea, Alibaug is known for its splendid sea forts, finest Alibaug resorts, spacious sea-front Alibaug hotels offering local seafood delicacies and the virgin myriad beaches. Situated just 95 km from Mumbai, Alibaug can be reached by NH 66 in approximately 2 hours. The name "Alibaug" literally interprets to 'the garden of Ali'. Located in the Konkan province of Raigad, this tourist point is a perfect haven for individuals seeking for sun, serenity and solace. (Not to forget, some of the amazing beach hotels in Alibaug)

Bounded by ocean on all sides, Alibaug is also well-known as the 'Goa of Maharashtra'. It borders a prominent Israeli-Jewish area where more than thousands of families of Jewish descent reside. One of the most popular synagogues -Israel Ali, is also positioned in this city. Set amidst the setting of the Arabian Sea, Alibaug can also be reached by ferry from Gateway of India and is a monsoon perfect picnic spot for young and old alike.

Places To Visit

There are a number of places to see while your stay at any of the hotels in Alibaug. The Kulaba Fort is well-known for its architectural magnificence and was built by the immortal King of Maratha History, Chhatrapati Shivaji. This fort explicitly overlooks the town while also facing the ceaseless ocean. The beaches in and in the region of Alibaug are also well-liked holiday-maker destinations. The Alibaug Beach is a "must-place" and is perfect for a stroll or a saunter with your loved ones. The other popular beaches around Alibag comprises of Varsoli Beach, Nagaon Beach, Korlai Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim-Navgaon Beach and the Thal Beach.

For those in search for a visit to spiritual destinations, the Kaneshwar Mandir is located around 13 km from the core of Alibag. Mandawa, a major port is also a significant tourist destination located 20 km from Alibaug wherein you can hit upon weekend homes & bungalows of Bollywood celebrities. The 150-year-old 'Magnetic Observatory' also must top your "places to visit" list while you are in Alibaug.


There are narrow lanes and streets that are excellent for a local quick shopping experience in Alibaug. Shopaholics will be amazed with the local, hand-designed garments, traditional bags, antique jewellery pieces, leather items and furnishings. The 'Kohlapuris' (time-honoured footwear) are also simply available at offhand prices. If you must bargain well, even better! 

Eating Spree

Given that Alibag is a coastal town, you can expect to find mouth-watering and incredibly fresh seafood at some of the best Alibaug hotels. The town is celebrated for the choicest seafood platter that comprises of big lobsters & prawns, pomfret and crab. For those looking for Alibaug's exceptional cut of meat, many restaurants serve the 'Bombay Duck aka Bombil', made with the authentic spices and the yummy local curry.

Rent a Bungalow & Explore the Coastal Seashore of Alibaug


With beautiful coconut trees aligned alongside the sandy beaches, most enjoyable weather conditions, camera-friendly views everywhere and luxury resorts– is "Alibaug", the emperor of the Maharashtra beaches. True to its fame, you are guaranteed a splendid treat every time you make a visit to Alibaug. The place will reawaken your senses with it's unpolluted and whitish beaches, sparkling waters and clean air and will also spellbind visitors with the mutiny of colors that takes place in the skies with the sundown.

Located in the Konkan coast in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, this small town Alibaug also serves as the district headquarters. Alibaug was developed by Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre, first notable chief of the Maratha Navy during the early 17th century and was named Ramnath, which is now just adjoining to the main town area. Later, the name was changed to Alibaug as the area around it was the significant vicinity of Bene Israeli Jews.

Though Alibaug can be visited all round the year owing to its pleasurable climate, the best season to visit Alibaug is from the months of October to May. This is the time when temperature considerably falls down and the weather is favorable enough to relax & unwind on the beaches.

At present, it is the coastline of Alibaug that make it one of the top weekend destinations around Pune & Mumbai. Travelers will locate a good number of luxury and budget hotels in Alibaug that facilitates easy proximity to famous beaches and sightseeing spots.

While most well-known beaches of Alibaug and just about (Varsoli and Kihim are tourist-bound and not good for swimming activities), Nagaon is just a few minutes away where one can explore fine quality beach, water sports and lush greenery bordering the beach.

While most well-known beaches of Alibaug and just about (Varsoli and Kihim are tourist-bound and not good for swimming activities), Nagaon is just a few minutes away where one can explore fine quality beach, water sports and lush greenery bordering the beach.


Are you searching for hotels in Alibaug? There are number of budget & luxury of hotels, resorts, cottages as well as bungalows on rent in Alibaug. You can get details about the staying options through various websites & can simply book at any of the best Resorts in Alibaug.

One of top-notch resorts in Alibaug, Ghanvatkar Bungalow is located in the heart of Alibaug, just few minutes from the Mandva port & Alibaug Bus Stand and is in the most serene localities. Comfortable and reasonable, Ghanavatkar Bungalow is also the preferred choice of people looking for bungalows on rent in Alibaug & thinking to take a break from their busy scheduled life to re-energize themselves.

The place also offers authentic and appetizing local vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals, particularly seafood along with a comfy stay which will remain as one of your unforgettable memories.

So, if you are planning to explore Alibaug on a short vacation, then all you got to do is simply put your name down for a comfortable stay at any of the hotels or resorts in Alibaug at best prices.

Ultimately, it's the beautiful living space in the far off island that adds beauty to our travel memories.

Happy Holidaying @ Alibaug!